Why insourcing expertise is the future for patient dining

Our new white paper explores why pressure on private healthcare is rising, and how insourcing could be key to meeting this challenge.

Challenges facing private healthcare

With an ageing population, an NHS in crisis and waiting times going up, demand for private healthcare is rising dramatically. While this is good news for providers — offering huge opportunity for growth in the sector — it also brings a new level of competition that generates significant challenges for facilities managers.

Increasingly, facilities managers are exploring how insourcing expertise can both ease the pressure on in-house resources, while extending what their organisation can offer.

Patient dining is a prime example. Providing enticing, nutritious food that wouldn’t be out of place in a five-star restaurant is increasingly central to a positive patient experience. Expectations are sky-high — and the burden of delivering fine patient dining falls on the facilities management function.

The headaches of patient dining in private healthcare

Delivering all the pleasure and taste of a restaurant experience at the bedside is a significant challenge that revolves around three fundamentals.

1. Private patients expect perfection

Naturally, users of private healthcare facilities expect the best treatment. But once they’re satisfied on that point, they’re looking for more. And because they’re paying for the service, their expectations are far higher than if they were receiving NHS treatment. Private healthcare users look beyond medical care to the whole experience — and the foodservice you offer is a valuable opportunity to set your facility apart from your competition.

2. Tailored nutrition that tastes delicious

Every patient that stays in your private facility needs a bespoke meal plan that meets all the nutritional requirements necessary for recovery. But, for private patients, this is a given. What they really want is for this healthy food to taste delicious, tempting their appetite and making every eating occasion an absolute pleasure. This can involve being able to choose from a wide menu of international dishes — or even having the option to request anything that they desire. Running a five-star restaurant from your facility’s kitchen can prove to be a time-consuming and frustrating challenge, but it’s a necessity in today’s competitive market.

3. Running a gauntlet of regulations

Incorporating the vast range of detailed regulations around patient dining into your operation can be extremely difficult. From ensuring all allergen information is correctly provided to continually meeting punctilious hygiene standards, patient dining eats up management time. Time that many facilities managers would rather invest in their core areas of responsibility.

A new prescription

Running your own in-house service requires management time, expands your liability portfolio and pressures you to meet ever-increasing expectations of service.

The answer to this significant pain is to hand these headaches over to a specialist.

  • You’ll get all the expertise you need to deliver five-star patient dining.
  • The expertise of award-winning, professional dieticians will underpin your complete foodservice offering.
  • And you’ll be able to delegate the responsibility of meeting all relevant regulations to a company that has a reassuring specialism and depth of experience in dealing with them.

Take daily, with food

Our white paper, ‘How insourcing expertise can improve healthcare in private hospitals’, is filled with more information on how working with an external provider can solve many of the problems that come hand in hand with an increase in demand and high levels of competition.

Click here to read it today.

Click here to see our insourcing infographics.


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