Patient dining gives private hospitals the edge

Becoming the private hospital of choice requires an intense focus on the experience. Here’s how five-star dining and service makes you standout.

By 2020, a revolution in consumer expectations will be well underway: when it comes to choosing a service or provider, experience will be everything.

This shift has been quietly happening for some time now. Today’s empowered consumer has easy access to all the information they need to get a rounded picture of what’s on offer. As a result, expectations have risen and grown more sophisticated — and experience has overtaken both price and product in importance within the choice process.

And by 2020, consumers will expect providers to deliver a personalised experience, where their current and future needs are proactively addressed (Walker, 2017).

So what does this mean for health providers, particularly private hospitals?

Expecting a five-star experience

Your private patients are likely to be in the vanguard of this revolution. Which means this experience-centric approach is already your operating environment. Your prospective patient does their research regarding medical expertise and the costs of a private hospital stay — and quickly looks beyond those factors. They’re choosing their private hospital based on the elements that will exactly match their wants and needs. Their focus is shifting to how the private hospital can add as much comfort and pleasure as possible into what may well be a stressful experience.

In fact, private patients are now measuring their experience in the same way that they would assess the performance of a five-star hotel. As well as continual, vigilant healthcare, they’re expecting fine dining that wouldn’t seem out of place in a restaurant — with the attentive service to match.

The importance of a focus on fine dining 

As a given, they’re looking for high quality, freshly-cooked meals, using the finest ingredients. And, of course, they’re assuming everything they’re offered in hospital is medically-approved and nutritionally-appropriate to accelerate healing.

What private patients are actively seeking are dining options that will soothe, entice and excite. If they’re feeling well enough, they want to be able to choose from a range of international cuisine, cooked to the highest of standards. Or, if they’re struggling to find an appetite, they want to be able to request whatever comfort foods will help them on the road to recovery.

Plus, they want this delicious eating experience to come with attentive service. They want the freedom to eat whenever they want to. They want to order from staff with excellent people skills who can explain menu intricacies and help them explore appetite-tempting possibilities. They want to feel understood and nurtured.

In short, they want a five-star restaurant experience at their bedside.

The secret to becoming the private hospital of choice

To successfully achieve all this involves inverting the traditional approach to patient dining. By primarily drawing on a heritage of fine dining, and blending it with a strong knowledge of providing nourishment in a healthcare setting, Medirest Signature creates the high-end restaurant experience — tailored for private healthcare.

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Source: Walker (2017). Customers 2020. 


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