Fantastic achievements in cleaning and infection control in 2016

We understand that many factors drive infection prevention and that a clean environment is a great place to start the fight

We cleaned 400,000,000 m2 of hospital space in 2016, ensuring your hospitals are clean and safe for you.

Our approach to cleaning and infection control is founded on clear and accountable leadership, consistency, fully engaged and trained teams, a next-generation auditing and quality assurance system, state-of-the-art equipment and transparency with our clients.

Take a look at our key achievements in 2016!

What’s happening in 2017?
• In January we released a new infection control training eLearning module

• Infection prevention masterclass with Anna Hallas, National Domestic Manager and Head of Infection Control on "Infection Prevention; Emerging Threats" – stay tuned for more details later this year!

• We continue with trials testing the use of stabilised aqueous ozone in care homes, if this is successful we will eliminate the need for chemicals

• Further innovation and technology driven work solutions to improve domestic productivity


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